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Back pain in beginner roller skaters

Your back not only supports your posture, it also helps you to bend backwards/forwards/to the side and to rotate your body. It's also a complex structure of bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves. As with all complex structures, there are many things that can go both right and wrong, but here we discuss the most common cause of lower back pain in beginner roller skaters.

The most common cause of back pain in beginner roller skaters

Poor posture and overuse can cause muscle strain injuries in the lower back, causing spasms and pain when the affected muscles are in use. Muscle strain, a slight or partial tear in muscle tissue, can occur from a constant dose of overuse as well as trauma. In many cases, simple back pain only lasts a few days and is gone in a few weeks.

How to avoid back pain while learning to roller skate

  • Posture, posture, posture.. Bend your knees instead of bending at your waist (it also has the added benefit of making you more stable on your skates)

  • In the beginning, don't overdo it, it's better to skate a little each day than 5 hours in a row once a week

  • Stretch - make sure that your back muscles aren't already over used and too tight. It's a good idea to stretch a little bit before and after each skate sessions, not just your back, but also your hamstrings and quadriceps are important to stretch

  • Strenght training - it's as boring as it is effective. Strong core muscles are important!

  • Never attempt a trick if you aren't properly trained - on YouTube everything looks easy, but then not everyone shows the 50 failed attempts before they nail a new trick..

When to seek help - when it's might no only be muscle strain

  • There are problems controlling your bladder or bowels - important!

  • The back pain is accompanied by weak, numb or painful legs - important!

  • The back pain lasts more than a few days

  • Regular sleep patterns are disrupted by back pain

  • Any signs of infection like chills, fever, chills or sweating in combination with the back pain

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