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Can ice skates substitute for roller skates during winter? 

It's wet, it's dark and it's cold. Yes, autumn has officially arrived here in Sweden. Which means cozy evenings drinking tea and reading good books. But it also means almost no outdoor skating. Which in turn leads to a dreaded condition called skate abstinence (I tried to coin the term "skabstinence", but my English speaking friends were sceptical..).

I might accidentally have stumbled upon a solution for this in the most roundabout way. My youngest son wanted to try ice hockey (which is for free in our home town for 5 year olds) and as the good mom that I try to make everyone believe me to be, I went to the meet up parent's meeting. Where it turns out that they want at least one mom on the ice with the coaches. The only other mother there was from somewhere in Asia. She might be a great skater, I don't know, since she upped the ante by nursing her baby during the meeting. So all eyes fell on me. And I tried to sneak out of it since I haven't ice skated since 7th grade phys ed. But anyway, that's how I became an assistant hockey coach.

I borrowed a pair of ice skates from a friend who had outgrown them in high school (a male friend). They were two sizes too big, but hey, beggers cannot be choosers. The first training, I was like Bambi on ice. Slick ice, since the added new water to the ice just before we went on. But it was fun!

And then it happened. I found out that Moxi actually makes ice skates! And (not something to take for granted in any way) that I could buy them in Sweden! Thank you Sticky Skates!

They arrived yesterday and today I tried them out during hockey practice. Let's just say that I was the only assistant coach in pink skates. But nobody gave me a hard time about it and both me and my son had a great time!

It took some time to get used to them, but the boot is very similar to the Moxi Jack boot, which made it easier. Super comfy! The weirdest thing is that the blade is a bit curved, so instead of spinning on your toes or on your heels, you can actually spin on the middle! Much more stable, but something to get used to. I got the tip to remove the spike furthest down to make it easier, which really helped, and made them feel more like roller skates with a toe stop.

I will write a full review of them once I've tried them out a bit more, but do där they feel great!

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