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Happy Tricks - "leave the track, go to the skatepark!”

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Want to progress in your street, park and ramp skating? Then you should check out @happytricks2020 on Instagram! Today, August 1st, their game of park skating kicks off (but you can still view the tricks afterwards for inspiration)!

The idea behind Happy Tricks is to introduce roller skaters to park skating and to aid them in their skate progression. Players chose a level - beginner, intermediate or advanced, and have to achieve 15 tricks that are found on the Happy Tricks account and video share them on Instagram. Then juries establish a ranking in each category, and the winners are awarded prizes thanks to their partners Easy Riser shop and Ride It Clothes.

Happy Tricks was founded in 2016 by two skaters, Emilie and Romain, and the original idea was to encourage roller derby players to conquer skateparks during the summer break - that you'd have a whole month to complete the list of tricks. The motto being leave the track, go to the skatepark!”

The goal is to make people discover park skating and that all participants surpass themselves, from the most experienced roller skater to the “first time in skatepark” player.

The administration of the game has since been transferred Marine (aka @peachsampras) and Val (aka @valonskates). The two of them determine all the 15 tricks of each levels. In each level, the players will find :

  • a variety of obstacles: ramps, banked surfaces, spines, rails, curbs, stairs and much more

  • a variety of tricks : jumps, drops, exits, stalls, rotations, dance tricks, street tricks

  • minimum repetition from one year to another

Are you wondering why you've never heard of Happy Tricks before? That might be because that in the start in 2016 - it was only been in French. 2019 was the first year that the challenges was posed in both English and French - opening up the world of Happy Tricks for more skaters.

About the sponsors

Easyriser is an online skate shop based in Luxembourg. They have been supporting Happy Tricks since 2018, providing 10 prizes every year - from roller skates to bearings, helmets, leashes or slide blocks!

Ride It Clothes joined the team this year. It is a brand which produces artisanally made hoodies for riders made from biological fabrics. Their motto? “Ride It, for anyone who dares!”

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