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Harlick Skating Boots

This San Fransisco based company produces hand made skating boots in the USA - and has done so since 1935, and it has been run by the same family for 4 generations. They basically know everything that there is to know about skating boots.

Just by looking at their order form online, you get a feeling of how many different options there are in making a skating boot, and it becomes so much easier to understand why different boots feel so different on your feet. And if you've literally tried walking a mile in somebody else's shoes, then you know that all feet are different too. A custom made boot is a dream for many roller skaters, especially those who have some sort of problem with their feet or knees.

Harlick is a bit exclusive though, in that they only make about 500 pairs per year. This allows them to really get to know their customers and to build the best boot suited for each individual. One pair of boots takes 4-6 weeks to make - there are no short-cuts to quality. Unfortunately for us skaters, quality costs, and the custom base price starts at $995.00 (the stock Classic boot starts at $675).

When everyone else is looking for ways to cut costs by overseas massproduction, Harlicks' long-term goals are to focus more on research and innovation when it comes to high-performance boots. Their standard modus operandi for innovation is usually customer-oriented though - someone contacts them with a specific problem and they come up with a solution.

Since they're kind of high-end, they haven't been super affected by the current roller skating trend - most people who chose to pick up roller skating during the pandemic this summer chose cheap massproduced skates and might have started with a new hobby by next year. But it will be interesting to see if the new public interest for roller skating will lead to more skaters with an eye for quality in the future .


Harlick Skating Boots for roller skaters

The Classic stock boot is a great choice for the majority of roller skaters, and luckily, is also the cheapest boot that Harlick sells. Even though it's a stock boot, you can also still chose any color that you want - and by any, that means way more options than most other brand of skate boots! For roller skaters, there are 3 modifications that are recommended:

  1. Flex notch (since the wider center of the trucks, which means a wider centrer of gravity, compared to a blade requires more flexibility in the ankle)

  2. Low cut back

  3. Added tendon padding over the Achilles tendon

Many roller skaters also likes a glitter sole finish, but since that requires chem glaze, it costs a bit extra.

If you want to know more, you can find them online at https://www.harlick.com/ or e-mail them directly at info@harlick.com. Or you can just DM them on Instagram - @harlickskatingboots

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