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KAP Skate Ramp, Uppsala, Sweden

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Address: Ulleråkersvägen 22, 756 43 Uppsala

The surface is made with Gator Skins, which makes for a really smooth ride. The ramp has several different heights, ranging from a mini-ramp that's probably about 1 meter high to the highest that's approximately 3 meters high. There's a spine and a bump that connects the two parts of the ramp.

Behind the ramp is a small toilet that's working and isn't too un-fresh (if that's an expression). And adjacent is an asphalt area with some rails and a grafitti wall.

The ramp has night lights, but no drinking water - and it's quite far to the nearest store (at the hospital), so bring lots of water!

The ramp is situated at a walking distance from the train station (a 20 minute walk through the city gardens).

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