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Roller skate artists

If you love roller skating as much as I do, then you'll probably be on the lookout for some great roller skate art to brighten your daily life. Here's a list of some really talented roller skate artist out there and where you can find their work.


Glow (also known by her government name of Carly) is a roller skater from Columbia (South Carolina) in the US. She runs the Glow Skate Co, a skater ran business for those who shred.

As a roller skater, she's both captain of the Richland County Regulatorns and the admin for CIB Soda City, and as an artist she creates art work that all skaters can find themselves in, no matter of their size, gender, sexuality or race. Her illustrations are created using Procreate and the drawings often have a 70s style color palette. Her artwork can in her own words be described as "cutesy"

Glow loves being a small business owner and is grateful for all the love and support that she has received from the roller skating community.

You can fins her on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlowSkateCo or on Instagram as @glow.skate


Emma, or Em as most people call her, is a freelance illustrator and a roller skater. She has studied fine arts and graphic design, and creates both using Procreate on iPad Pro but also likes to do some traditional art when she has the time.

Roller skating was in the beginning a way for her to work through her knee issues, but has since become an important outlet and coincided for her with regaining her inspiration to create, express herself visually and start pushing toward makin creating art her job.

She loves to create pieces of art that that incorporate skating with other aspects of her life, such as her witchcraft, or that have positive messages, especially when it comes to things people may be more self conscious of.

You can usually find her street skating, but she's excited to start park skating in the near future. She finds inspiration from fellow skaters and the positive energy they exude.

She's available for commissions and sells her art on her Etsy shop under the name of CoffeVamp, which is also her user name on Instagram, where you can also check out some of her work. You can also fins some of her designs on her Threadless Artist Shop


Frances Waddell is a full-time self-employed artist who, like so many skaters, have a a dual background in roller skating. When she grew up in Viriginia, the only place where underage bands could play music was at the roller rink, where punk bands would set up in the middle of the rink and people could skate around. She then re-discoverd roller skating roughly 15 years later when roller skating inspired her to connect more with her body after suffering from PTSD.

Her artwork also took off when she found an online community focused on recovery through creativity, and she has been combining art and roller skating since then. It really took off after she started the 100 Day Project, and decided to do a couple CIB crews on magazine pages. They got a great response and she's looking forward to doing more of them!

You can find and by her art through her website www.FrancesWadellArt.com, and she also has a Patreon, where the lowest tier of $3 recieves a vinyl art sticker designed by her every month. Her vinyl stickers an also be found in a few coffee shops around Sandy, OR - AntFarm Cafe and Bakery, Cafe Delirium in Gresham and Bow and Arrow Coffehouse in Damascus.

She also has Threadless and Society6 accounts and you can follow her on Instagram @Frances_Waddell_Art

Skaters across the US have shown support for her stickers, as well as her local CIB @cibportland. Her first sticker has the slogan "Skating Helps Me Cope", and part of her recovery and self-care is to get out of her head and out skating - because being too much in your head while skating plainly means that you will fall down. Skating has been critical as a type of mindfulness practice for her in a way that is truly inspiring, and it allows her to temper her expectations of herself. Skating takes practice and dedication while being fun.

She's currently working on taking it easy when it comes to what's next with her art, not trying to force anything out but looking forward to where she'll end up next.


If you have any tips on other great roller skate artists - please let me know at rollerskate.challenge@gmail.com.

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