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The beginning

It all started with a challenge. The idea was to find something to do together with the kids that wouldn't take much planning and would involve exercise and fresh air. We live smack in the middle of our small town, with only a small backyard, where half of it consists of a parking lot. So of course rollerskating came to mind.

I've never really rollerskated, but how hard can it be, right? Right. As it turns out, my eldest son, who previously played "bandy" (like ice hockey, but with less protective gear and a round ball), owned me at rollerskating. He could skate circles around me, while I just stood there like a cow on thin ice. Then he told me that he wouldn't skate with me again until I wasn't embarrassing him with my lack of style.

And that's how the challenge was born. 2019-06-05 was when I decided to become a rollerskater or die trying (or at least get seriously maimed). As it turns out, I absolutely love it. Nowadays, I often sneak away the ramp or the skatepark all on my own when the kids are busy with other things. I love the freedom and the playfulness that skating gives me. It makes me feel alive and to test my boundaries. And I love skating with my kids, to get to spend time with them doing something we all love. Although they've recently abandoned rollerskates for skateboarding. Well, you can't all of the time.

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