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Top Instagram roller skate influencers to follow

Instagram continues to grow and have now reached over 1 billion monthly active users, with more than 500 millions active users every day.

It's one of the most popular social media platforms (only Facebook and YouTube have more active daily users).

So even using hashtags and searches, it can be hard to find those really good accounts that share the same interests as you do. Therefore, here is a list of really good roller skater accounts to follow! And if you've think I've missed someone really good, please let me know!



The creator of the very popular #52tricks4u challenge got the idea after she finished the Moxi 365 challenge (to skate every day for a year) and wanted to try new things. Every week she posts a new challenge to all of her followers to try out, but the idea isn't to rush to land it, but to try something new and to focus on a new skill that needs to be strenghtened.



This account is great for tutorials, especially for those who don't have their own skate community nearby. @keepingtabzs says that she wants people to really get that feeling of accomplishment she knows that they can get from skating if they just have to knowledge of how to achieve the tricks they want to learn - and we love that she gives us that knowledge! Check out her Instagram for some really awesome ramp skating inspiration!



If you would like information on how to become a certified roller skating instructor, Andrea can help!

She's one of those skaters on Instagram who's always happy to give tips and instructions when asked, and she looks upon skating as art - and art is meant to be shared (which is where Instagram also comes in). She's known for cheering on other skates on online and for skating with her dog Jax.

Andrea is also a professional skater in Victoria, BC Canada, with over 30 years of skating experience. She has Skate Canada Gold in Freeskate, Skills and Dance.

At 17 she left competitive figure skating for the glitz and glamour of show skating and joined Disney on Ice. She has also performed with Holiday on Ice and Canada Ice Dance Theatre.

In 2014 she started playing roller derby and was introduced to quad skating and roller dance and has been teaching and performing on roller skates ever since.

She has been trained in roller dance by Vancouver's Chris Neima and in artistic roller skating by Jackie Cross of Los Angeles. She is a certified Skate Instructors Association (Skate IA) roller skating instructor and co-owner of Roller Skate Victoria with Martin Newham (@rsvmartman) and Vicky Rage Z-Dance (@vicky.rage.zdance). They are currently running a much appreciated online roller dance academy for skaters around the world while the pandemic has stopped in-person lessons in Victoria - check it out here if you're insterested in learning how to roller skate through online help https://rollerskatevictoria.com/rsvonlineda/join/

Andrea has also been a guest instructor for Rolla Club in Vancouver, Rollerskate Saskatoon, Calgary Rollerskate, and for roller derby leagues in Victoria and Courtenay BC and Winnipeg MB. Andrea was also a guest instructor at Skate IA Camp along with Martin where they taught pairs, synchronized skating, roller dance and artistic. Andrea is also the Communications Manager for Skate IA.

Andrea currently performs with two roller dance groups in Victoria - The Rutledge Rollers and Victoria Rollergirls. She has also performed with the Van City Skate Squad.



Shanna started park skating in 2016 and at first only used her Instagram account for playing games of skates, but it has since grown and she has now also started making really great tutorials. This is a great account to follow for skate inspiration with a friendly tone.



Fabricio is a knowledge sharing addict and when helping an Instagram friend to improve her jumps, he recorded a video that was transformed into a tutorial about how to jump higher on quad skates. It got some amazing feedback and since then he's focusing his account on supporting and inspiring other roller skaters.

Instagramming is also a way for him to make friends all around the globe and form a "virtual skate crew" since he hasn't yet found his local skate tribe in Hamburg (he's originally from Brazil). In his ord words: "I plan to visit and skate with the friends I've made so far on Instagram though: that's a nice excuse for traveling around, huh?" And we all look forward to the coming skate travel tips that's sure to be the result of that trip!

The nickname @greyhairskater came from a joke he made while talking to a friend when he restarted skateboarding at 35, in March 2018, after an 18 years break due to a back problem which made doctors' tell him that he would never be able to skate again!

His Instagram account was at first created to keep track of his progress and share his happiness of being able to skateboard again. In July 2019, his daughter asked for a new pair of inline skates but he was really curious to learn how skating a pair of quad skates would feel so he suggested to her tthat hey should buy a pair of quad skates each instead.

In 2020 he decided that he would focus more on roller skating and cleaned-up his Instagram account (removed more than 500 followers) to get rid of all haters and now instead of being a skateboarded who roller skates, he's now a roller skater who skateboards!



This is an account that really lifts your spirits and put a smile to your face. The aim of the Skate of Mind account is to protmote positivity, highlightning that any shape of body can be fit and strong at that mothers can be awesome - so what's not to love, right?

Started by Gill Harman, who also started CIB Scotland (!) in 2018 when she was made redundant from her work counselling young people about drug and alcohol. She then saw an opportunity to combine her community work with her skating by offering coaching to beginner ramp quad skaters.

The group that she coaches set individual goals, but she also sets them weekly challenges. The group supports and teaches each other in a wonderful way.

Skate of Mind have also run successful programs in some schools aimed at children who have disengaged from physical activity and education.



Flammers started in 2010 as many other quad skaters with roller derby but has now been park skating for 6 years. In the beginning, there were no roller skate specific park skates and no such things such as slide blocks. Wide trucks and the like came from skateboard parts and this is a great account to follow if you want to learn how to modify your skates!

What started as an Instagram account that was more of a diary of achievements has since expanded with tutorials and a lot of interactions with other skaters from all over the globe.


That's it for now! I'm sure that there are many other great accounts out there, and if you feel that I've missed a really great one, please let me know (rollerskate.challenge@gmail.com) and I'll add it!

There were some other Instagram roller skaters that I tried to get in contact with in order to write this such as @skatealldae and @queergirlstraightskates, but that I didn't manage to establish contact with in order to get their approval to write about them. And then there were the really famous ones such as @estrojen, @stormskater and @obiepearl that I also would love to write more about - so hopefully there's more to come!

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