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What's in your skate bag?

My Rookie Skates skate bag
My Rookie Skates skate bag

Since I got rained on today at the ramp, I had to empty out my skate bag to let it all dry when I came home. I realized that I keep a lot of stuff in there!

Pink Moxi Lolly Skates (with the Beach Bunny toe guards and Moxi Fundae wheels)

Rain cover

Y3 skate tool + Moxi skate tool

Radar wheel bag (with the Radar Energy wheels inside)

My wallet

Wet wipes (life saviours!)

A mobile phone charger

A Wettex cloth (great for moping up puddles in the ramp before skating)

Slalom cones (10) from Decathlon

My Occano helmet

Wrist guards (PRST 50)

Elbow and knee pads from Decathlon

A first aid kit

Vinyl gloves (for picking up thrash at the ramp or skate park - I'm a mom after all)

A small piece of rope (that I use for practicing jumping over)

A water bottle


A lock and key (for when we go to the indoor skate park at Allis)

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